Runelords - LIC House


Rise of the Runelords

Sandpoint is a sleepy town at the very edge of civilization in the nation of Varisia, peaceful for over 40 years. The only tragedy of note is the Late Unpleasantness, 5 years ago, when fire claimed the old temple and the lives of Father Tobyn and his daughter Nualia. Not long after, a string of grisly murders claimed the lives of many locals, including the parents of Vada (Rae), who was spared only by a warning of her future patron, the Green God, Gozreh. In the years since, the town has slowly returned to its quiet ways, until now.

Brodert Quink was a bookish child of Absalom, the great city at the center of the Inner Sea, the crossroads of Golarion. Entranced by the legends of Thassilon, a magocracy that ruled the Varisian lands 10,000 years ago, he became the foremost expert on what little clues Thassilon has left in the present day. Dissatisfied by these fragments, and dreaming of adventure beyond his growing years, Quink filed for membership in the Pathfinder Society and the right to establish a chapter in Sandpoint. His petition was approved with surprising swiftness. The central chapter in Absalom even assigned him a strangely beautiful half-orc bookkeeper and barrister named Djen (Zane) to organize his affairs.

Eager to begin, Quink packed up everything he owned and sailed for Varisia, but not before touring the local ports for those heroes he had read about. Mostly, he found scoundrels and thugs, but two men overheard his promise of adventure and followed. Exiled after renouncing his oath to the Mendevian crusade against the demons of the Worldwound, the aged knight Victor (Matt) and his loyal, rougish squire Ki-Ki Kai (Elvis) had spend the last year on a quest to regain Iomedae’s favor for the fallen paladin. Somehow, Victor knew redemption lay in Varisia.

In Sandpoint, the new chapter grew rapidly over only a few weeks. Quink and Djen first recruited local elven ranger Shalelu Andosana, who hopes to foster help against growing dangers near her home. Nanoc the Varisian, a wild half-orc barbarian from the north, followed shortly after, for reasons of his own. Chelish noble-born apothecary and biologist Alden Bringhurst (Phill) came to Sandpoint seeking distance from his diabolist-ruled homeland, and remained when offered the chance to study the extraordinary creatures that lurk in these exotic climes. Traveling to the mainland on a one-man campaign to reclaim the lost elven woods of Celwynvian, the pale elven arcanist of the Mordant Spire known as Celkirk (Mike) started work under limited contract to translate several minor Thassilonian tablets for Quink, but now sees a group that might aid his efforts.

Tomorrow is the Swallowtail Festival to consecrate the completion of the new temple. Vada herself has returned after five years with the Shoanti tribes, to give the blessing of Gozreh to the temple, to seek her estranged brother, and perhaps to find closure with the past. With Victor and Kai finally arriving on the last ship to dock for the evening, the chapter is all met, and the stage is set…



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