Runelords - LIC House

Chapter 2

After a long night of fighting fires and burying the dead, the Pathfinders took a day to recover. Their battle with the goblins on the festival grounds was visible from many parts of the town, and numerous witnesses spread the story of the Pathfinders’ brave defense of Sandpoint. Gifts were given and praises were sung by passing locals, and all eyes were on the heroes. One eye in particular was that of the young Shayliss Vinder, daughter of Ven Vinder, the local general store owner. While rumors of her sister Katrine’s tryst with a man at the lumber mill distracted her possessive father, Shayliss had her own dalliance in mind, with the lithe, exotic and mysterious pale elf Celkirk.

Shayliss hits on Mike

Kai investigates the Alvertins at bakery, mixup with daughter, invite after two weeks to Pathfinder guildhall.

Kai investigate Ven Vinder about connections to Aldern Foxglove. Sneaks into house and finds deed to Foxglove Manor.

Victor trains with Viorian.

Djen and Alden build wish list of supplies. 10 feet of rope for everyone. And buy a boat.

Boar hunt. Stolen necklace of Aldern, no actual value. Hitting on Vada and Djen.

Return to feast with town at White Deer Inn to boost town morale. Celkirk buys a month of a room at the Inn. Kai drugs and impersonates servant of Aldern, follows him back to Foxglove Manor, but does not enter.

After feast, back to the Rusty Dragon. Ameiko’s father enters and demands she leave town with him. She refuses, Kai depants him.

Next day, investigate junk heap, find “hidden” goblin shack. Celkirk keeps sleeping on a beach, making inroads with magical supplies. Kai checks at jeweler about Aldern’s necklace.

Meet with Madame Mvashti, the seer, learn about history of land, why Varisians live like gypsies (only way to live in some kind of balance with the influence that one’s sins and vices have on your actions and soul here). How the town is doomed by such influences. How dangerous it is to champion virtue here, etc. etc.

Meeting with town guard and mayor with Nanoc and Shalelu, word of goblins mobilizing. Sheriff leaves for Magnimar. In evening, Barett family feeling goblin in house. Whole town up in arms. Party finds goblin in dresser, knocks it over, fights with goblin in wreckage. Witch hunt for betrayer almost sparks. Djen and Celkirk kill goblins in junk heap with falling rock to avoid town finding out and getting more agitated.

Town reaction to party now mixed. Turch and Chod and others volunteer for strike back against goblins, but that strike never sets out.

Next morning, elderly halfling maid for Rusty Dragon, Bethana Corwin, brings letter in Minkaian from Tsuto, Ameiko’s brother, claiming their father has betrayed the town and to meet him at the glassworks. The Pathfinders, in charge of the town while the sheriff is away, go to investigate. They notice the chimneys are smoking, but the glassworks is otherwise quiet. They enter through the front, the slight roar of the smelting room drowning out any long-distance hearing. Charge through room after room, seeking answers, finding the workmen slaughtered, and most things (especially kitchens) trashed. The safe has been robbed and the office sacked. Finally, they find goblins in the glassworks forge, breaking everything they can find. Lonjiku has been killed and encased in glass. The heroes fight the goblins, who throw tons of glass things at them. Tsuto enters from behind them at the door they came through, and shoots a couple arrows in their backs before getting color sprayed and almost completely beaten down. He barely manages to flee into the basement. The goblins pour molten glass at the party, but Nanoc charges them and wipes them out single-handedly while the rest head to the basement after Tsuto. Djen stays and saves Nanoc from death, but only by feeding him three potent potions of healing and arcane sight, given to them by Madame Mvashti.

In the basement, the party carefully gives chase, but Tsuto knows the tunnels well and is long gone out a tunnel that leads to the Turandok river. Vada’s panther senses a terrifying presence down the other tunnel. Victor finds Ameiko locked in a closet, beaten unconscious. On instinct, he uses his lay on hands and to his surprise it works. Iomaede has taken him back as her chosen once again. The others find some stolen moneys and a journal in a secret smuggler room Tsuto had been hiding out in.

The citizens are once again briefed on a tragedy that has befallen them. More funerals, more cleanup. Ameiko is now by default a member of the Merchantile ruler council. Guards are posted in the tunnel. Viorian, while helping with the cleanup, is compelled to see the tunnel, and her scimitar Chellan glows brilliantly, and summons a monstrous wail from within the dark tunnel expanse just by pointing her blade down it.

Ameiko has learned of her father’s death, and tries unsuccessfully to use her town influence to get the party to go after Tsuto for revenge immediately. The party stands firm in first determining any threat that lies under the town. Viorian wishes to explore the tunnel, but the Vekker brothers insist on coming too. When Viorian seems to mindlessly threaten Kai over the safety of the Vekker brothers, Kai almost refuses to let any of them come.

In the tunnel, they find a greeting room with alcoves for personal effects, and also their first sinspawn. With it dead, they made their way through an old storeroom and into the welcoming chamber with the statue of Alaznist. Then washing pool and vagouille, ancient prison fight with sinspawn where Viorian makes her first kill with Chellan. Then stairs to surface underneath the meat market.

From there, interrogation chamber with mutated skeletons, Koruvus with play dead/ pop-up zombie trap, stairs down that are buried. Then meditation chamber with crazy gravity (face of Lamashtu on door). Then shrine to Lamashtu.

In cathedral, through doors with the seven-pointed star, but with only a single rune repeated on each point. Erylium sits reading, outraged at the violation of her kingdom. Bleeds and makes two sinspawn, summons fire elemental. Victor enlarged. Sinspawn quickly dispatched. Distraught Elyrlium turns invisible to flee, but party locks down all exits. Viorian, on some instinct, dispels much of the power of the runewell with her blade, revealing a large inverted seven point star metal disc of sorts that was hidden in its waters. When Celkirk tries to retrieve it, Erylium reveals herself to stop him. Victor declares his smite and ends it. Viorian, while others are occupied, finds herself scrawling the seven-pointed star on the quasit’s forehead and decapitating it. No one knows why.



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